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As far as it is concerned about the geographic coordinates, the city o Preveza is located at the northwest part of Greece and more specifically at the southwest end of Epirus. At the west side, Preveza is wetted from the Ionion Pelagos, while at the east side from Amvrakikos gulf. Its geografical location has played an important role during the centuries and thus Preveza has become an important shopping district and one of the main ports of Epirus. Preveza is characterised by insularity and it is constracted with plenty of small narrow traditional roads kai pedestrean areas which give the city an even more traditional note. The name Preveza is due to two basic interpretations according to the experts. The first one comes from the ancient slavic word Perevoz and means passage, while the second one comes from the latin word Previsione and means supplies.



The last few years, the city of Preveza is getting more and more folk with a special dedication to the contemporary and environmental friendly lifestyle. All the car roads near the shore in the center have turned into bike paths and pedestrian roads in order to preserve the historical element and to make it easier for the tourists to wander around the traditional streets of the city. Some of the “must see” for every single tourist is the last home of the famous Greek poet Kostas Kariotakis and the Venetian Clock Tower with its famous sundial, dating in 1752. Near that place is also housed the Cathedral of St. Charalambos dated in the 18th century with paintings that hook up our minds to the “once” Venetian painters, and which by the way is also the city’s Patron Saint. Shortly after the Clock Tower appears a stoned path, shaded by bushy bougainvillea and adorned with black and white photos of Preveza in the 20th century. This last one is the famous Saito Pazar.


Just a few kilometers from Preveza is lying the biggest greek ancient city, the city of Nikopolis. Nikopolis was constructed during the reign of the Roman Emperor Octavious and due to his glorious fleet win against Antonious and Kleopatra, which took place in Aktio (31 b.C.). An other very interesting place for everybody to visit is Nikopolis museum, which is located just 5 kilometers away from the center of Preveza. Preveza has several remarkable archaeological monuments and areas ,  such as necromancy, which is located at the Acheron river, the archaeological area of Kassiopi, the roman aqueduct of Nikopolis, the Acheron river’s sources near St. George’s  chapel, the Pantokratoras stronghold, St. Andreas and St. George castles, and of course the mount Zalongos. As far as it is conserned the last one, it is one of the most popular historical mountains in Greece,  known for the act of self-sacrifice of a group of women with their children on December the 12th in 1803, in order to avoid their arrest from the Tourkish Emperor Ali Passa. 


The beaches around Preveza are astonishing, really easy to access and very organised for any type and preferance. Some of the most popular ones are Kiani Akti, Alonaki, Mitikas, Monolithi, Kanali and Kastrosikia, beaches that include numerous organized beach bars and are famous for their golden sand, their greenish scenery and their multicultural character.



Flights over the Amvrakikos lagoons and the around rivers.

Canoe kayak

Water Adventures in Ziros lake, which is an important wetland and has been included in the Natura network.


Crossing the straits of Acheron river with no significant difference in altitude (10km)


The descents in Acheron are taking place near the river sources, because the paths are shorter and so it comes easier for the beginners.

Horse riding

Dreamy rides with horses within the vegetation of the legendary river, its narrow paths and its sources.